Special Upcoming Events

Sunday, February 9

Coming to Ascension Lutheran Church on Sun, Feb 9.  Guest Pastor Rev. Dr. John Reinke with World Lutheran Deaf Outreach.  Please invite and bring any friends you have in the deaf community for this very informative information and sermon also spoken in sign language!

Sunday, February 16

ChristPointe Care provides equipping for Christians to “serve others, care for others, and be with others in everyday situations and in times of  special needs/disasters. CarePartners are equipped to provide presence, compassion, and support through listening, sharing Scripture, and praying for/with the individual(s).  This “equipping” is done in two to four hours and provides multiple resources to support the ministry.  Dr. Lou Jander from CrownPoint Ministries will present this workshop from noon - 2:00 pm. 

Ascension is a family of believers with faith and hope placed in the one true Savior, Jesus Christ.  God's Word is at the heart of all we do and His message of love, forgiveness, and salvation is the driving force behind every aspect of our ministry and life.

Maybe you're returning to church, or coming to church for the very first time, or you've just moved to town and need to find a new church home, whatever your story may be, you probably have a lot of questions before you visit Ascension.  We hope you will take the next step by checking out this family of faith led by Christ to bring hope, strength and change to the world—one life at a time.

Where are you located?

We are located on the westside of El Paso just a couple of blocks southeast of the instersection of Redd Road and Westwind.  Our address is 6520 Loma de Cristo Drive.  We sit on top of a hill with a beautiful view overlooking west El Paso and the upper valley.

What time are the worship services?

Two services are offered on Sunday mornings at 8:00 and 10:30. Because all of our services are identical, the only thing you need to figure out is what's the best time for you.  Our Family Bible Hour is held each Sunday for all ages from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m.

What should I wear?

We have no dress code.  So, it's not unusual to see the whole spectrum from shorts and sandals to suits and skirts in any particular service.  Don't stress over what to wear!  If you prefer casual, then come casual.  Or, if you like to wear your Sunday best, then wear that.  We just want you to be relaxed and able to focus on our Risen Savior and His life-changing Word.

Will I have to make a financial contribution during worship?

No.  The ministries of Ascension are supported by the love, generosity and sacrificial giving of our members and friends.  As a guest, please do not feel obligated in any way to make a contribution.  We believe any gift to the Lord should be uncoerced and from the heart—as a loving response to God's grace.

Will I be asked to sign something or "singled out" in some way?

Absolutely not.  Don't worry—we won't ask you to raise your hand in the service or make any commitments.  We promise.  Please visit, relax, enjoy, mingle, and get a feel for what this loving family of Christ is like.  You are invited to visit our Welcome Center on Sunday mornings to request information, to speak to someone about Ascension's ministries, and to receive a free gift as a first time guest.  You can also request more information by completing a blue Friendship Card during the worship service or by contacting the Church Office at (915) 833-1009.  We want your visit to be as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Can I bring my venti, non-fat, Cinnamon Dolce Latte into church?

Yes—but only if you bring one for the rest of us.  (Just kidding, of course.  Well, kinda.)  You may bring your drink with you, but why not save your money and get a coffee at church?  We offer free coffee and refreshments each Sunday morning in the Fellowship Hall.  We simply ask that you finish your coffee and other food or drinks before entering the Sanctuary for the worship services.

Where do I park?

We set aside reserved parking for first time guests in our parking lot.  They're on your right side just as you round the corner to enter the main parking area.  General parking is also available along the entrance drive and in the main lot.

What if I unknowingly sit in "someone else's seat"?

Don't worry about it.  Sit wherever you want.  No one has a claim on any seat.  In fact, we'll even let you save seats for family and friends.  Of course, if you sit in the pastor's seat up in the chancel area, you may be asked to deliver the message for the day.

What is Ascension's mission?

We exist to connect our surrounding community to its Savior, Jesus Christ.  We want everyone to have a personal relationship with their Lord.  This is accomplished first by loving our Savior, and secondly, by loving others as ourselves.

Other questions? 

For more information, please contact the Church Office at (915) 833-1009 on Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


January Newsletter

February Newsletter


One of the stunning things about Jesus’ words in today’s Gospel is the distance Jesus is saying we might go for reconciliation. 


It is about 80 miles from the north side of the Sea of Galilee (where He spoke these words) to Jerusalem, which would be 160 miles roundtrip just to seek peace and reconciliation with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We remember today that there is no distance too great to seek reconciliation.  Indeed, Jesus came from heaven to earth so that we might be reconciled with God.  Jesus traveled to the cross to make peace by His blood.  What an amazing trip for us!  What an amazing gift to us!


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