May 29, 2020

Dear fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,

The peace, mercy, and love of our Lord Jesus be with each of you!

The Pastor and your Board of Elders recognize the difficult time that we all have been going through during this health crisis.  Please be assured that our daily prayers are with each of you.  As businesses in our community gradually and slowly reopen, we, like you, are anxious to see the reopening of our church and a physical return to worshiping our Lord and Savior together.  The communion of saints is a wonderful gift from God, which we all dearly cherish.  If you have been following the news reports, COVID-19 cases and subsequent deaths continue to increase in our community.  Out of great love and care for our brothers and sisters in Christ and our community, we are taking a cautious and reserved approach to resuming public worship.  There is no firm date, at this time.  We will continue to monitor this dangerous situation day by day and week by week.  As you well know, there are many factors and concerns to be considered for everyone's safety.   With social distancing and certain health protocols, our return and time together will look different.  When the time comes for us to safely reopen our facility, we will most assuredly communicate this to all of you in as many ways as possible.  Please know that your Pastor and elders are in prayerful discussion and diligently planning the reopening of Ascension Lutheran Church.  Thank you for your love, patience and understanding!  We miss you and long for the time when we can once again gather together.  If we can serve you in any way, please let us know.

In Christ's love,
John Witty
Board of Elders, Chair

Regular Weekly Events

Sun:    9:45 am Worship

           (Communion 1st & 3rd Sundays)                                                  

            8:30 am        Family Bible Hour 
            11:00 am      Confirmation
            11:00 am       Liturgical Dance   

Tue:  10:00 am         Woman-to-Woman Bible Study
          6:30 pm          Women’s Bible Study
          6:45 pm          Boy Scouts

Wed:  8:45 am          Preschool Chapel
           10:00 am        Weight Watchers Meeting
           11:15 am        Sit & Sew          

Thu:    9:45 am          Women’s Bible Study              
            6:30 pm          Choir Rehearsal

Sat:      8:00 am         Men’s Bible Study & Breakfast